Episode 95a – The New Slab

Episode 95A The New Slab
Part A – Clearing the block

Shot on a GoPro Hero3 Black, 720p on a 10 second time lapse

6 hours in 1.5 minutes!

Part 2 Block Clearance

Unfortunately, it was boggy bit that prematurely ended the day- too soft to bring in the stone, and it will also add another $600 to the bill as I will undoubtedly need to have a concrete pump truck 😦

I can see a bit of the future, and it involves restorative gardening works….and I am no gardener.

Next stage is waiting a few days for the ground to dry out more, then the stones are bought in and footings drilled.

For Better or worse, for richer and poorer

We are into it now!

The backyard will be a bit worse, the shed will be a lot better!
Stu’s shed will be a lot richer, my wallet a lot poorer!





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