Wax on, Wax off

Despite having been a long time user of Ubeaut waxes and polishes (almost as long as I have been doing this woodworking caper), just using a product doesn’t make one an expert. So I took the opportunity of last weekend to actually stop by the Ubeaut stand, watch one of Neil’s demos and see what else I could learn.


Turns out, very little!

Oh- no, I don’t mean there was very little I could learn from Neil – he who wrote the bible on polishing called A Polishers Handbook


(a book you should read cover to cover…twice!), but that you needed to use very little of the various Ubeaut products to achieve an amazing result. I have been using a reasonable amount of it each time, so was amazed how fast Neil worked, how little time he spent on each grade of sandpaper, and how little product he used to produce results to die for.

Hmm – going to have to relearn my entire approach again. Either Neil is a magician, or I’ve been wasting a lot of time, and product and not achieving a result anything like what he can in minutes.



So hopefully, the next time I get a have a chance to play in the shed, I can try out these techniques, and see if I can’t get a result that is more like what he can.

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  1. Have used U-beaut products for years. My biggest problem is that over the years he polish deteriorates. It starts of shiny and glossy but 5-10 years later it is very dull. I have used th techniques that he showed and still the same problem.

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