The Oktober Woodfest begins tomorrow at the Woodworking Warehouse, Braeside. A select group from clubs and media were invited to a pre-opening event earlier this evening, so I got a sneak peek at the Woodfest. 🙂

The evening started with a bit of a look around, with food & drink provided. For tomorrow and Sarurday, their traditional grill will be running, manned by the ever-popular Mel.

It then went into a presentation/discussion by a lawyer from one of the city’s OHS focused law firms, discussing some of the impacts on clubs and businesses from the proposed draft new OHS regulations. Interesting stuff, and somewhat concerning given the new levels of personal liability.



There are another whole bunch of Woodpecker tools available from PWS to check out, including a new router lift.




Something to keep an eye out for is the router bit vice. Grahame can elaborate further, but for reasons beyond their control the router bit vice will not be available after their last 3 or so sell. There were 2 more, but they sold….to people from the USA (where it is imported from in the first place). So if you want one, better get in quick because once the current stock is gone, it is unlikely to be available again, worldwide.


Still a cool tool!


I know things have been decidedly quiet around here recently. Not my intention, nor is this a new reality for this blog, things have just been a bit hectic around here.

A combination of my productive weekends, a family bereavement and work being more insane than it is normally (if that is possible) has made it hard to post as regularly as I (and presumably you) would like.




The Carpenter

I was working away on the weekend as mentioned, and something that came to mind was to do with the tools I was using. They were common tools, nails, hammer, rip saw, and they felt really unfamiliar in my hands.

Carpentry is another profession learned throug...

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In a later conversation with my Uncle, it dawned on me that despite regularly working with wood, I rarely do use a carpenter’s tools despite it all being about the basic manipulation of wood. Struck home that there really is a difference between a woodworker, and a carpenter.

My shed projects rarely (if ever) involve screws or nails, and perhaps a bit sad to say, when I cut timber it is with a tablesaw or bandsaw, not any form of handsaw. There are plenty of woodworkers who will use handsaws especially the Japanese saws and perhaps one day that’ll be me, but I do enjoy electron murdering techniques too, and it is faster and for me, more accurate.

There is a common saying that the difference between a woodworker and a carpenter is 1/4″

You’d not worry about building a house with 1/2mm accuracy. Nor would you make a jewellery box with 3mm gaps in the seams (other than intentional!!)

Still, where it comes to my preference, I enjoy working irrespective, whether doing carpentry, or fine woodworking, but I do get the most satisfaction from realising the best from the timber itself, rather than only from the resulting construction.

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