One Plane to Rule Them All

One plane to find them
One plane to bring them all
And in the Woodshop bind them.

I was speaking with Matt Reynolds at the show, apparently a long-time reader of Stu’s Shed, and from a plane sock he pulled out something he’d made a few weeks earlier. A plane, and what a plane! You’d gladly spend a lot at a number of fine handtool stands to buy one like it, and even more remarkable, this is the first plane he’d ever made.




I LOVE metal dovetails on a plane – perfection and absolute class.

The timber is also stunning. Matt has gone with using burl for his timbers, much trickier to shape, but a stunning result indeed.

There are also details here you’d easily miss. One in particular is how he has created the blade opening. Instead of trying to mill through a solid block, Matt has made that part of the plane sole in two parts, which are then joined and polished until they virtually disappear. I wouldn’t have seen it if Matt hadn’t specifically pointed it out.


Some specs from Matt
Blade is 01 tool steel, 32mm wide.
Infill and wedge are Red Gum Burl
Sole length is 95mm
Bed/Blade angle is 20 deg
Approx 50-60 hours work, all hand made.  My first go at making a plane, completed about three weeks ago.

So some beautiful results, especially given it is metal and timber. Thanks for showing me.

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