Productive Weekends

Last couple of weekends have been rather productive – managed to jump into some jobs that have languished for 12 months or more (some for 10 years!).  Getting rid of the 4 cubes of rubbish was certainly a good start, then getting some of the remaining cafe blinds installed.

Those are now up and completely installed, and the outdoor room is coming together.  Not that I am specifically looking for the modern concept of an outdoor room per say, more an outdoor area that is still sheltered from wind and rain.  Will be a great place to do some woodworking (wink, shhhhh!)  No idea how renovating competition TV shows manage to achieve so much in a few hours.  When doing a job like this properly, it takes so much longer than they ever show.

Got the first of the new sheds together as well – the fowl house that will be the new cat run.  Now once the AFL Grand Final is over, I might have a chance to get the other up.

Did a quick job for a friend as well – needing to make a bit of a modification to an entertainment unit, where the DVDs were catching on the top lip above the drawer.  There would be a number of ways to fix the problem, and tools that could have been used but the Torque Workcentre was by far the easiest.  Being able to secure the work down, then plunge a compression bit on an overhead-mounted router provided the best visibility of the cut, and finish.

Next weekend is the Woodfest (so long as the AFL isn’t a draw this year!), and two weeks after that the Melbourne woodworking show.

Productive times. Busy weekends

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