Shed Dwellers

For every shed owner (and the term ‘shed’ is very loosely defined), there is an equal number of reasons and justifications why we willingly trudge out there as often as we can. Equally too, how so many purchases are justified as being crucial to ongoing shed operations. As a friend liked to say “I only hope that when I die, my wife doesn’t sell my tools for the amounts I told her they cost!”

For woodworkers, there is a focus to those activities, the ability to create, if not quality toys, furniture, boxes or whatever your passion, then at least mountains of satisfying sawdust.

How that sawdust is created comes down to the particular passions of the individual shed dweller. Power tools or hand tools, cutting or turning, occasional or mass producer, one offs or high repeatability, passionate tragic or occasional weekend warrior.

So at the end of a session, you can stand in the shed door and proclaim to the world I am woodworker, hear me saw!

Of course, if you don’t have adequate dust collection/protection, your partner would change that to read “You are woodworker, hear you snore”!!!!

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