Spent the day kickin’ tyres down at my usual haunt- the Melbourne wood show at the Showgrounds. This year it is different for Stu’s Shed- I’m not having to try to take in the show in 5 second bursts, and instead can wander at leisure. It was a really strange feeling looking at the Torque stand and not running it/co-sharing it as a Torque/Stu’s Shed cobranded stand as it was last year.

I’ll leave you with a Gump reference 😉

Be that as it may, and moving onto the rest of the show (or at least what of it I have been able to see so far) after about 6 hours I’ve had a brief look around.

Saw the new owners of Gifkins Dovetail as they get up to speed with the show circuit, and the developments of the 3D printers, including some of the products the machines have been making.



Next, over to HNT Gordon to say hi to Terry and Colen, admiring some of the new products, including his small diameter spokeshave. (Uh, no, that isn’t Colen to Terry’s left!)


Tim Skilton is again running the “Experience Woodturning” demos, with an impressive display of turned objects on display.


It was definitely worthwhile getting to Chris Vesper’s stand early this year. Chris had managed to get hold of a large collection of deceased estate sourced saws that he was selling (and doing a bit of sharpening of in the meantime. I got his assistance in choosing some great old saws, each costing an average of $30/saw. A rip saw, a crosscut, and a tenon saw.




The rip saw has a secondary hole for two-handed saw operation, and an impressively aggressive tooth set with finer teeth at the front of the blade, and the heavy teeth at the back.

Jim Davey was demonstrating sharpening plane blades using waterstones. Haven’t met Jim before, but he certainly knew what he was doing.


Stan was also there again, splitting timbers, challenging students to participate in saw races, and fortunately, not eating sausage rolls!


So a great day, and hoping to see more in a day or so.

The woodshows are always cool, and for regulars, a great social occasion.

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