Manspace Issue 2

The second issue of Manspace Magazine will hit the shelves shortly, and again with a number of articles by yours truly.

Articles in there by me are:

Quick Drawers – on how to make drawer liners for your tool drawers from foam

Torque the Talk – an article on the Torque Workcentre

Solution with Teeth – a look at the Flai Mustang multimaterial blade.

6 pages in total 🙂

Tis the season to be scary

I have never tried this before, but thought we’d try the Halloween pumpkin carving thing.

Bit wonky perhaps, but for something not tried before, and done freehand, it’ll be be good to have for the trick-or-treaters tomorrow night 🙂


The things you do when you have kids!

And only one cut that drew claret- the ol’ “don’t cut towards yourself”. So if the pumpkin comes to life tonight, you’ll know why (aka Stephen King‘s “Mangler“)

Wood Whisperer Squared

A huge congratulations to Marc & Nicole on the birth of their son Mateo Xavier Spagnuolo


Healthy, and at 33 weeks was just a little impatient to check out Dad’s workshop 😉

(Marc is the American podcaster/blogger/woodworker, well known as “The Wood Whisperer” if you were wondering about the relevance to this blog. First Matt, then Marc and myself were the first three woodworking podcasters.)

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