Blast from the Past

Flicking through a ‘toy’ catalogue (for big kids) on RC vehicles, I came across a few Wilesco steam engines that reminded me of one my father has (although I have not seen, let alone fired it up for years).

Cool toys, and I flicked a bit further through the virtual pages of the web, and came across the ultimate one for a woodworker- the Wilesco D161


A complete working model of a workshop from times past. Would love a real workshop like this- I’d happily give away having a electron murdering workshop to have one powered by wood & coal, with belt drives for the various machines.

The model has a drill press, tablesaw and grinder, all powered by belts from the steam engine. Love it. Wish I could afford to buy one!

Yet another tempting pen


I’m subscribed to the Kallenshaan Woods website, which means I get an email when a new design comes out. Rather dangerous for the budget, and again another one I now want (damn it!!) 🙂

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