Cleanup in Aisle 8

November 3 2013.  While moving to the new house, a lot of the timber and tools were stacked in the original 3x3m shed on the property.  On that day, the shed was emptied and stored under the veranda, filling the entire area (covering all the outdoors furniture), and looked a mess, not to put too fine a point on it.  That shed was then taken apart and stored.

It has been almost exactly 5 months (minus a few days), and the cleanup of that area is finally complete.  Everything has been taken to their new homes (garden shed, main workshop, garage, and storage shed).  Not particularly neatly – that refinement will happen over a longer period as I work out various storage options.  At least progress each weekend is restoring a sense of normalcy to the place.

There is a small mountain of stuff now stored up on the mezzanine – crates and crates of tools and timber requiring sorting, storing, and disposing.  I really need some storage solutions for the shed – that is the next big ticket item requiring tick-off.  Whether that will be purchased, made, or a combination of the two is yet to be seen.  Fast will be the first order of the day. (The other big-ticket item needing resolution is installing a dust collection system).

As far as disposing is concerned – sure, that means there is some things not worth keeping that will be binned, but the majority of items in that category are ones needing to find a new home.

One thing I found I have a lot of, are Triton spares.  Bags and bags of components, from individual screws and red knobs with captive nuts, up to and including a Triton Router Table, Router Table Stand, a Bevel Ripping Guide, Biscuit Joiner, Finger Jointer and all sorts of other odds’n’sods.

So what I am thinking of doing is cataloguing it all, and sticking it on a tab at the top of the site, with a line number, photo and description.  Some items with a price tag, the others priced (cheaply) by weight.  I’ll work out something that gives a reasonable price scale.  I’ve become quite disillusioned with eBay.  Not because the items sell for a reasonable price, or the eBay fee structure, but simply because there are so many dickheads out there.  I don’t need the stress or hassle.  Some hassle is unavoidable – if I wanted to avoid it all, I’d simply throw all the metal into the trailer (along with the pile that is there at the moment) and run it to the local steel merchant.

Let me know if there is anything you are particularly looking out for – will see what I can turn up.  A good portion of it is new, and should be much cheaper than any Triton spares in the market.

5 Responses

  1. Very interested in what you have in the triton spares always like to have a few spare fence bolts as I tend to strip the end of mine.
    Regards Ian

  2. Stu. It will be interesting to see what you have to be listed. Looks like I’ll have to check out my lot and see what is missing or needed. I am looking for an on/off safety switch assembly for a MK3 table.
    looking forward to your list.

  3. Some of my storage solutions are:
    (a) A bakers tray rack, this is a light weight vertical frame 2000mm high made out of 25mm square tube on castors, it holds 10 heavy duty plastic bread trays 700w x 600d x 175h that slide in and out, (when it gets in the way I just move it to a vacant part of my workshop).
    (b) My power tool shelves are modular 350 wide plastic coated wire shelving made by Clever Closets these have strips that screw to the wall with adjustable brackets that support the shelving, (this type of shelving gives me a clear view of the tools stored on it, it’s virtually dust free and very strong).
    (c) My small tool work benches and the vertical shelving in my storage room is made by Rackit, this is very close to commercial grade and very solid. (this product may seem expensive but it’s versatility makes it very viable, a cost comparison with timber was about the same but without the versatility and rigidity, also I’m a woodworker not a carpenter)
    (d) I have fitted french cleats on the walls wherever there is room, (these have proved to be very versatile as well)
    Both Clever Closet and Rackit are sold by Bunnings here in WA, I don’t know if Masters have comparable products.

  4. Interested in the bevel ripping guide. Have you worked out a price yet?

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