More detail of ManSpace TV

From ManSpace’s Facebook page comes the following description of what ManSpace TV is like.

I was there for the filming of the first episode, and even this description doesn’t do it justice.

Silver Spoon Productions is the production company behind ManSpace TV and it is led by Harvey Silver, the initial creative force and producer of the country’s most successful sports entertainment program, the AFL version of ‘The Footy Show’. Collaborating with Harvey on the project, as co-executive producer, is none other than Shane Jacobson.

Shane will be a regular on the show, and work closely behind the scenes with Silver Spoon Productions for the simple reason that he loves the concept of celebrating one’s passions and hobbies which is exactly what ManSpace encourages.

Unlike other ‘blokes’ shows of the past, ManSpace is a show that will appeal to everyone.

It will open the doors to women who have always been curious about the man cave and the male culture that draws men into them. It will be hilarious and inspiring but most of all it will be entertaining.

The people on ManSpace are legends; from the hosts, right through to the ‘average Joes’ that will be featured each episode.

ManSpace will have a Tonight Show feel and will feature a variety of talent – both known and new – to Australia’s screens. These are blokes you’d be happy to share a beer with. They’re laid back, funny and love their man spaces, collections and gadgets.

Our host, Dan Anstey, is a former Nova FM anchor and is now part of the Fox FM breakfast program team. He has also been a regular on channel Ten’s The Project.

Dan has hosted programs, including ‘Add a Motor in it’, a hilarious sponsored online series, where people put engines inside furniture such as couches and desks before proceeding to take them on the road.

Other talent includes comedian Des Dowling, the man who finds incredible man spaces, our tradie, and popular contestant from The Block, Dale Vine and our outdoors man, television veteran and all-round nice guy, Murray Bingham.

ManSpace will be broadcast from a space that was recently featured in the magazine – Antique Motorcycles, in Melbourne. Filled to the brim with classic motorbikes and memorabilia, the aircraft hanger is not only the ultimate man space, but an amazing studio too.

The show will bring previous stories to life and invite you to new man caves, garages and personalities that will be just as engaging.

We will keep you up-to-date with dates and times but the show will be hitting Channel GO shortly!

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