Workshop Workout

The little truck exercise, being the first project completed in the new workshop, was a good test of the workshop layout.

So how did it perform?

Pretty bloody well to be honest.  There are some minor positioning refinements that will make it work better (primarily the outfeed of the thicknesser, and the infeed of the jointer are both a bit tight) but other than that, I really enjoyed the workflow, the access around the machines, and the access to the machines (such as the availability of 2 bandsaws, with significantly different blades).

I spent some time earlier in the day clearing the workshop floor by removing any tools, and crates that didn’t have a home yet.  By removing, I mean they were hooked up to the electric winch, and lifted to the mezzanine.  I won’t say it is crowded up there (I am only storing in the 1st half), but it is getting well utilised.

Happy Days.


The Good Oil

Pretty close now to a completed truck, having applied the first coat of Danish Oil.

truck-2-2 truck-1-2 truck-3-2Tried something different with the wheels – not sure it worked.  Using a pyrography pen to burn and texturise the surface, then partially sand back.  Will leave it a few days, see whether it grows on me or not.  They are meant to look used, not new – they are dump truck wheels after all.

Happy with the Queen Ebony highlights – just a little extra to really set things off.

Can you imagine?

Having access to such a facility? Or timber?

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