Have now finished securing the “walls” of the mezzanine (does a 300mm high wall actually qualify?!), so although it isn’t fully sealed, it is about 80%.  Can’t do anything about the roller door, and there are a few gaps around the pillars.  Taped up a majority of the external edges as well, and started on the overlap areas of the insulation on the roof.

Am relieved I got the builders to do the majority of the shed – what little I have done already is sufficiently slow and frustrating that I am glad not to have to do the rest of the place!

Seems to be a never ending supply of bitsy jobs to do – will quickly get to the point that I’ll have had enough of them distracting from the real shed activities.

Finish taping roof
Roll all existing tape to affix properly
Tape edge around roof perimeter (very roughly cut insulation)
Insulate back door
Tape west edge of mezzanine
Install remaining 3 ground floor lights
Source and install 2 mezzanine lights
Lower attic stairs by 75mm
Install pneumatic air supply
Build external enclosure for dust extractor
Install dust extraction piping
Grind off protruding screws from electrical install
Install sink
Create cover for mezzanine lift area
Edge openings
Add balustrading

That definitely isn’t a comprehensive list – only what comes to mind.  Will keep chipping away.

Each machine needs a TLC session as well, cleaning and conditioning the cast iron, recalibrating, lubricating, sharpening etc.

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