Threading Up

Spent the time while watching the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix (well done Daniel!), getting the outlets for the RapidAir (from Professional Woodworkers Supplies) all threaded up, with thread sealant rather than Teflon tape.

Probably the slowest part of the whole install!


There are 7 outlets set up identically (capped off rear inlet, front outlet, air inlet at top, drain at bottom), 1 which is for the mezzanine (capped off rear inlet, capped off top inlet, air in from the bottom and front outlet- no drain so lower outlets will have to be the reservoir), and one manifold, with all 4 ports with a hose connector.


Next job is to physically mount the outlets in the shed.


Finish taping roof
Roll all existing tape to affix properly
Tape edge around roof perimeter (very roughly cut insulation)
Insulate back door
Tape west edge of mezzanine
Install remaining 3 ground floor lights
Source and install 2 mezzanine lights
Lower attic stairs by 75mm
Install pneumatic air supply
Build external enclosure for dust extractor
Install dust extraction piping
Grind off protruding screws from electrical install
Install sink
Create cover for mezzanine lift area
Edge openings
Add balustrading
Finish screwing flooring on mezzanine
Reinforce crane mounting point
Centre winch over hole

Lights now up, ceiling taped.  Knocking off some long-outstanding tasks.

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