Cleaning up

Pretty dull, but I have been using the available time to continue cleaning up the various piles of things displaced during the initial preparations for the shed build.

These were the contents of the original shed that stood where the new one now stands. A significant amount of the content of that shed is timber, so that has made its way back into the same original shed, now in its reconfigured form as the timber store.

Still tracking down all the (Triton) wood racks that will line one wall and carry much of the timber that I’ve dumped in there on pallets.

Once I’ve sorted that out, the bulk lot of Tassie Oak will take their place, finally freeing up the garage.

Well almost. The other thing really blocking up the garage is the TS10L tablesaw. I am still looking to find it a new home, so will have to start pursuing that more actively.

So progress in this case is as much finding a place for everything, or at least getting everything roughly to where it belongs. Sorting out the specific home requires storage, and that is still an outstanding issue.

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