All quiet on the Western Front

The Eastern, Southern and Northern as well.

After finishing off the last few connections, changing the air compressor oil then plugging it in, the RapidAir system was charged for the first time. There were a few leaks to sort out, all associated with the connections in the mounting blocks. Not sure why the instructions say that teflon tape should not be used, especially since some of the fittings they provide come prewrapped with it. So where there are persistent leaks, I’ve gone the teflon route anyway, and that solved it.

What I was surprised by, was where I was expecting leaks were at the hose connections. Nada, nothing, not a thing. Amazing. Considering there are about 75 hose connections, that’s pretty impressive!

So I plugged in a hose with a blower end, and blew the workshop and machines clean, and mulched the garden at the same time. That’s what I’m talking about

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