WX7 – The Triton Workcentre gets an upgrade

The Triton Workcentre 2000 was launched back in about 1997 or 98 or so (sure someone can confirm more accurately).  I used to have a poster of the Triton timeline that’d confirm some of the dates.

The name was somewhat unfortunate in hindsight.  Having the product named for the millennium meant it became increasingly obvious how old the design was, with people in 2002, 2003 and on wondering if they should buy the 2000, or if another was being released soon.

Funny thing is, a new design was on the drawing board at the time, but the decision to develop the new version beyond the blueprint phase was delayed and cancelled by successive owners of the Triton brand.

The design had an extruded aluminium top, a full mitre slot, and drop-in induction motors.

1 1/2 decades later, and that design has finally been dusted off, revamped, developed, then turned into a new product – the latest version of the Triton Workcentre, the WX7.

There is also a full redevelopment of the Router Table, and an impressive new version has been produced.  Due to the market early 2015.

In the meantime, check out this video compiled from shots from the 2014 International Hardware Fair in Colonge.  It shows not only the new WX7 Workcentre, the new Router Table, but also a bunch of powertools that are being released (some already available)

There are 20V 4AH system tools, including a drill/driver, a combo hammer drill and a 160Nm Impact Driver.

Alongside a reciprocating saw, right angle drill, oscillating multi tool, and a geared eccentric orbit sander.

Some of the other products already available are strangely familiar.  Such as the 180mm power planer. (And the unlimited rebate planer).


Why does that look so familiar?

Could it be that I have seen it back in August 2008, and still have it sitting in my workshop, coloured blue, but with GMC on the side? Even down to the “magnesium” embossed signage on the side cover and base plate. They still cannot seem to escape that unfortunate association with GMC.


The T12 drill also bothers me – the Triton drill had one really unique feature that stood it out from the crowd – the plunge mechanism built into the drill.  And despite a strange look, that was the best feature of the drill, which after all is one of dozens on the market.

The T12 has done away with that. T12TP_med_T12TP

The 20V version has a bigger battery, and also follows the Hitachi design concept – if you don’t think it would look out of place in the hands of a Cylon Centurion, you are on the right track. Interesting idea.  Not a design route I’d choose personally, either for tools I was designing, or ones I was planning to add to my workshop, but to each his own.


Check out the latest catalogue here (but no mention as yet in there of the WX7 or new Router Table)


2 Responses

  1. I can’t speak for the WX7 as I’m not super familiar with the WS2000, but the router table will be incompatible with accessories such as the biscuit cutter and box/finger jointer. The WX7 looks to be the same in that regard.

    I currently have the “old” router table, there is little incentive to upgrade if my accessories won’t work – I think I’d be more likely to go down the build-your-own approach!

    The T12 have been out for awhile, RRP $212.70 from the AU distributor. I kinda like the small size of them but uncertain if the power/battery size would come into it.

  2. Well,
    Triton was taken over by GMC and when those went bust an English company named Silverline Tools which got big by importing low end Chinese crap (now renamed into Toolstream) came along and bought what was left of it. So GMC and Triton are all coming out of the same factories somewhere in China. Toolstream are not making anything themselves.
    In my opinion there’s a v.clear difference between the old stuff and the new since take over. Like the routers or saws. Your cordless power tools are most likely made by TTI which is another Chinese Company (better known for their own brands such as Ryobi, AEG or Milwaukee)
    Possibly some of the other stuff is made by Chevron, another Chinese Mfg who’s better known under its FLEX brand.
    Well, everything’s getting more expensive. Only power tools are still the same price as two decades ago if not even cheaper.
    Does anybody wonder?

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