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  1. HI Stu
    The saw looks great and the cutting depth is certantly impressive however it must have been a hot day if you needed shirts to change shirt twice.

    Hope the construction of the new shed if as quick as you plan it to be. Thanks

  2. Hi Stu

    What is the make and model of the generator your using? im struggling to find one to run my saw.

    • Hi Kev,

      The brand I am using is Promac: http://www.promac.com.au
      Importantly, they are a pure sine wave generator, not a simulated sine wave. This is vital for electronic equipment, such as the Festool Kapex. A standard generator can potentially damage the equipment.

      I’ve used this generator to power both the Kapex, as well as my 15A tablesaw. The 6.8KVA generator I have wasn’t sufficent to power up the thicknesser, but that was the only big machine I couldn’t start. The 8.1KVA would have managed it.

  3. Misplaced my Kapex Manual so searched on Google and found the ‘Kapex Supplemental Manual-Festool’ this manual has an excellent Calibration and Adjustment section, shows how to calibrate the Lasers, the Bevel cut and the Mitre cut and includes electronic calculators to aid in the adjustment of these. It also includes a electronic Compound Angle calculator that would be invaluable. It also includes full dimensions for a zero clearance insert and auxiliary fences. All in all an excellent reference manual.

  4. gday stu just did a little upgrade to the dust collection on my kapex basically got some duct tape and extended about 50mm the dust flap/hood at the rear of the blade.
    wow huge improvement. I’m doing a lot of pine framing and the difference is chalk and cheese

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