People often talk about rollercoasters to describe the ups and downs of the human condition, but they are a bad analogy.

The rollercoaster starts with a long climb to a peak position, and then from there it is all downhill, but not in a bad way – that is when the real ride starts, with all the excitement and adrenalin rush that loops, twists and turns throw at you, but none in a negative way (well other than negative Gs!)

At the top of the first mechanical climb, there is that few seconds of pause before the world drops away from underneath the car, and then it is on baby!


From that point, the rush is on, the exhilaration of sensory overload.


And it is here I am, contracts signed, manufacturing commenced, building permit application submitted, and the rush of the ride towards the new shed has begun in earnest.

Let the Fair Dinkum rollercoaster roll, and we look forward to a short, exhilarating ride to the conclusion, when I can look out my back door and see the new shed that until now I have only been wistfully visualising.



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