Checking on Timelines

My current best guesstimate, which is tracking closer to the original worst case scenario.

Getting dates to firmly lock in is difficult.  I am really uncomfortable with anything running into December – way too easy for timelines to blow it out by a few days, pushing the project straight to mid Jan.

This perpetual waiting (and uncertainty over dates particularly) is driving me crazy. Through work, I am used to managing projects many, many times the size of this one (10x – 80x) and having each stage nailed down to within a day, even from 6 months or more out.  This project is a completely different ball game.

Project Stage Previous Worst Case Latest Guesstimate
Building Permit 11 Oct – 1 Nov 11 Oct – 30 Oct
Order Concrete 1 Nov 1 Nov
Order Shed 9 Oct 9 Oct
Shed Manufacture 9 Oct – 20 Nov 9 Oct – 20 Nov
Clear Out & Remove Shed 19 Oct – 20 Oct 3 Nov – 10 Nov
Order Skip 11 Nov 6 Nov
Block Clearance 18 Nov – 19 Nov 15 Nov
Casting Slab 20 Nov – 21 Nov 16 Nov
Shed Arrival 21 Nov 21 Nov
Lead Time for Assembly 21 Nov – 8 Dec 21 Nov – 1 Dec
Shed Assembly 9 Dec – 16 Dec 2 Dec – 6 Dec

Dr Festool Kapex

The DOC for the Kapex 120 is listed at 88mm for a standard cut, and although this is theoretically correct for a board the full 305mm wide, what if the board isn’t that wide?

Then the depth of cut (DOC 😉 ) jumps right up.  After a quick test, it cut through a 90×90 without even getting close to its capacity.  100×100 looks very possible, but I didn’t have a piece to hand to try (yet).

One way or another, 88mm is a significant underestimation when the board is less than the maximum 305mm wide.

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