Shed Timetable

This post was stuck to the top of the blog for the duration of the steps of the shed build, from 1 November through to completion of the shed assembly.

Now that has been completed, it has been unstuck, and won’t be updated further, but have a look at posts around the dates shown for the related posts and progress photos and videos.  There were over 40 updates to this timetable as dates kept shifting (normally right).  It was  a very long process, and I am very glad for it to have finally reached the current status. From here on in progress will only be recorded through the standard blog posts.

Project Stage Update Commence Complete
Report & Consent Completed 5 Sep 24 Sep
Building Permit Completed 7 Oct 29 Oct
Order Shed Completed 8 Oct 8 Oct
Order Concrete Completed 29 Oct 16 Nov
Shed Manufacture Completed 11 Nov 28 Nov
Clear Out & Remove Shed Completed 3 Nov 3 Nov
Order Skip Completed 16 Nov 16 Nov
Block Clearance Completed 16 Nov 16 Nov
Stone, Rebar & Footings Completed 19 Nov 19 Nov
Building Inspection Footings Completed 20 Nov 20 Nov
Casting Slab Completed 22 Nov 22 Nov
Shed Arrival Completed 29 Nov 29 Nov
Shed Assembly Completed 20 Dec 8 Jan
Downpipes to stormwater Completed 20 Jan 20 Jan
Final Building Inspection Completed 21 Jan 21 Jan
Electrical Installation Completed 21 Jan 22 Jan
Grand Opening 2014

5 Responses

  1. I think its 3 weeks before you can start playing on the new slab I could be wrong though.

    • It used to be a standard 28 days, but it has modified somewhat. It would still take about that to achieve maximum strength (concrete dendrite growth isn’t known for its speed), but you can get away with erecting a shed after a week or so.

      At the moment, it may get a lot longer than even the full 28 days- if it doesn’t arrive reasonably soon, I’ll miss the window for it to be erected this side of Christmas, and that would totally suck (not to mention loose any time while on leave to actually set it up and use it).

      • what kind of slab are you putting down, mpa? thickness? footings? reinforcing? etc..

        • Think it is 28MPA, 100mm thick, with 300mm diameter footings (300 deep for all uprights except those supporting the mezzanine which are 500. There are 6 of those. Can’t remember the rating of the rebar – somehow the number 7 comes to mind, but I’d have to refer back.

          • F72 mesh, looks like it, I hope the piers drilled were set on a good bearing, doesn’t matter how deep the piers were bored to, what matters is if they rest on good bearing ground. cant wait to see the finished shed. cheers Stu

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