Red Hill

Had a good day wandering around the Red Hill market down on the peninsula.  It is a market that is yet to be overly corrupted by Chinese imports (although there were a few stands where it was evident that the products were not locally made).  The majority was product and produce, made or grown in the area.

Picked up a couple of wrought iron items – a paper towel holder for the kitchen, and a fishing rod holder for surfcasting, with a side holder for a stubby.

There were a few woodwork stands – a couple of skillful woodturners, and a whole raft of chopping boards.  What is it with chopping boards?  Take a piece of wood (often camphor laurel), flatten it, round over the edge, drill a hole at one end and call it a chopping board (and charge $50)  No thought, no skill, no effort, and next to no value-add. Some managed to go a little further, and only one was end-grain.

I did see an interesting outdoor setting that the roving reporter would love (given his preference for CL)

IMG_4264They had a bar to match too.

Still, lots to look at, and it only gets busier as Xmas approaches.

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