Laguna Nation

My eye was initially caught walking past the Laguna stand by a familiar colour, but an interesting looking jig

Laguna-1Grr-ripper colours (and with Grr-rippers attached), but is actually a taper ripping jig, heavily engineered.

Has stops for repeatable setup, positive setting positions, and locations for connecting one, and two Grr-rippers.

From there, I had a closer look around the stand (having just signed up for “citizenship” of LagunaNation – with the passport coming in the post shortly – interesting marketing campaign).


Not the best photo, but they had just finished resawing some Huon pine into a 2mm veneer.  Their triple variable skip carbide toothed bandsaw blades are quite impressive! They also have Forrest blades (at least the dado, not sure about the Woodworker2) – for a long time Forrest was not interested in the Australian market – glad someone was able to change their minds.


At first glance, the drum sander (Swiss-tec) is similar to the Carbatec one, but then the stand is enclosed, there is an extra control box which varies the drum speed, and not the the feed belt speed, and the drums a (relatively) easy to exchange, so you can go from the traditional wrapped sandpaper drum to a flap sander (with brushes backing up the flaps so they last longer), or a silicon-carbide brush drum.

Laguna-3 Laguna-5


Their CNC machine (Laguna) looks a good build, with water-cooled motor, and a decent bed size. Having some experience now of a CNC lathe, these are a lot more interesting now than just watching robot woodworking!

Laguna-4 Other than a closeup of that bandsaw blade I was mentioning, these are the guides on one of the bandsaws (one side removed).  Twin ceramic rectangular plates push in the side of the blade, and a circular ceramic disk behind as the thrust surface.

Very nice guide system, and the ceramic would run cool.  It would also be a lot quieter.

Goin’ to the Show

This is a bit out of order, as I was posting all through the day, but I did take a few prelim photos leading into Jeff’s Shed



There were some mixed feelings walking in, more hoping the show was going to be ok.  Parked at the Casino – although it was a longer walk (I could have parked under Jeff’s Shed), it is easy being right on the exit/entrance of Citylink.  Cost $8 for the entire day, so no real issue there!



Walking the corridor was very familiar – back to the days of yore.  Is a lot more ‘prestigious’ than the Showgrounds.  The crowd walking in was interesting – you can absolutely pick the woodworkers out of the crowd!


Inside, the size is the same as later (previous) years, although part of the right side was blocked off.  Hopefully as the show regains popularity, more exhibitors will come on board and the hall will fill again


For quite a bit of the day, it was up to 3 deep at stands – great to see.  Some people got really irritated having to wait for a conversation or a sale, but really – get over it – this isn’t a retail shop, it is a wood show!

The vibe was great though – lots of people, which instills a sense of excitement, lots of conversations, questions (and answers!)  And as a bonus, I hear the sales were pretty good too!

Still, I only got to 1/3 or so of the show!

Green is where I got to today, purple is what I must see tomorrow (more if possible!)  6 hours – boy, a weekend just isn’t long enough.

I am DEFINITELY setting off a SawStop blade tomorrow – no question about it. (He He – cannot wait!!)


$5 Shake

From Pulp Fiction:

VINCENT: Did you just order a five-dollar shake?
MIA: Sure did.
VINCENT: A shake? Milk and ice cream?
MIA: Uh-huh.
VINCENT: It costs five dollars?
MIA: Yep.
VINCENT: You don’t put bourbon in it or anything?
VINCENT: Just checking.
VINCENT: Can I have a sip of that? I’d like to know what a five-dollar shake tastes like.
MIA: Be my guest. You can use my straw, I don’t have kooties.
VINCENT: Yeah, but maybe I do.
MIA: Kooties I can handle.
VINCENT: Goddamn! That’s a pretty f***in’ good milk shake.
MIA: Told ya.
VINCENT: I don’t know if it’s worth five dollars, but it’s pretty f***in’ good.

Got myself a drink at the show- 600ml coke. $5 and it doesn’t have bourbon, milk or ice cream.


3 : 1

3 hours down, 1st aisle complete (at least the first pass!)

This is going to take some time!

Carroll’s Avenue

Took a stroll along Carroll’s Ave as my next stop at the show. As in previous years, lots to take in. From “Come and Try” pyrography








And of course all the equipment and consumables we use Carroll’s for, not to mention catching up with Jim, and the ever-smiling Irene 🙂


Saw an impressive chuck that I had wanted to see in person for a while.

Got it out of the box to photograph…..


After getting it out of its box, decided it had to come home…..

Slow progress at the show

In a good way! So far, it has taken 1 1/2 hours, and I’ve only seen about 4 stands! Too much too look at, talk about, play with.

Starting with and their new vacuum system for treating porous materials, impregnating them with “Cactus Juice”, which then can be hardened in a toaster oven. From there, you have a hard material to turn, cut, drill, sand, finish




Very interesting, and opens up a whole variety of materials you cannot otherwise work with.

Next over to Wood Craft Supplies, drooling over the Shelix cutters



And a good chat with Stephen who has come over from the US to demonstrate their Sand-Flee



Velcro securing system makes such easy work of grit changes (or allowing multiple grits simultaneously on the drum!) Simple and brilliant. Had my first play with one as well- yes- we need to have a much closer look at this machine.



So on we go, see what else I can find.

Gotta love the woodshow!

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