Apron Strings

I have had a shop apron for quite a long time now – heavy leather thing, possibly as fitting for a blacksmith’s shop as my workshop.  Has saved me a few times from debris from a kickback too.  Don’t wear it all the time though, as it is really a safety device, rather than a shop apron per say.

I don’t wear a carpenter’s belt in the workshop either – good for onsite, not for workshop use.

So there is a real gap, or niche waiting to be filled.

The apron to fill that gap would be cloth (cotton), light weight, breathable but durable.  It would need a heap of pockets – more tools the better!  Easy to put on and clip up.

Fortunately, that apron has already been made, in SA as it happens, by HenryEckert.com

HenryAlso available at this year’s Melbourne wood show on the Eckert stand.

This apron is for when I am using traditional tools/handtools/ working on the darkside. When sawdust is flying from power machinery then the leather apron which doesn’t have pockets, has a smooth exterior, and has a significant thickness (to stop pieces of timber intent on hurting me) is a real boon.

When I am wanting an apron that is more for protecting the clothing, and carrying a number of apron tools (without needing a carpenter’s belt), then this apron steps up to the mark. It is light weight, non-intrusive (you really know when you are wearing the leather one!), and places a number of hand tools right where you need them.

It is for the gentle schlich of the wood plane and the quiet rasp of the japanese saw, not the scream of tortured wood of the jointer, or the relentless rending of the tablesaw!

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