Festool Storage

Some more of the products demonstrated at the Press event at Festool included storage solutions.  The first, and very readily associated with Festool are the Systainers.  They have received an upgrade from a 4 point attachment system (front and rear, to a single point for operation, called the T-Loc.  The rear of the Systainer engages along the length with the Systainer below it, but the only locking mechanism is the one central point at the front.


The system has partial compatibility with the older Systainers- they can connect to the bottom of the new ones, but not to the top.  There is also no version of the T-Loc systainers for the larger tools – specifically the BS 105 belt sander, which comes in a systainer twice the width of a normal one.

There are some distinct advantages to the new systainer locking system – the ability to couple and uncouple the stack with a single twist of the lock.  That is good, but even better is the ability to open a systainer without first having to remove the stack that is on top.

Accessing into the stack

In the background, you can see another advantage of the new systainers – an optional handle that can be attached to the front as an alternate carry position.  The same slots where the handle attaches can instead be used for identification cards to show what is inside the systainer – no more of the labels stuck to the sides and top that fall off over time.

Carry Handle

While looking at traditional storage, this was the rather cool tool carry each attendee of the Media Event was given

Protool Tool Carry

The top edges have a heavy bar supporting either side, and a metal handle screwed to the top, that can pivot out of the way when required.

Rear of Carry

Lots of heavy-duty storage pockets on the outside, front and back

Inside Cavity

Lots of storage inside too – this is a cool tool carry. Even the storage box has been put to good use – is now a doll hospital bed my daughter is using!

While dealing with storage, there is also the mobile Compact-Workstation that attaches to the top of the Cleantex (Festool Vac), such as the CT36. This provides a very compact storage – taking up the same footprint as the vac itself.  It will still attach if the boom arm is fitted (so I was told anyway).


It provides a stack of storage options, trays, tool storage for those ready-to-use, and can still fit a systainer on top of the vac.

Hand Sanding Block

Even the arguably strangest tool in the Festool stable, the hand plane block with dust extraction has a home, and also happens to act as a bit of a lid on top of the unit.

Yes - I want one

Finally, while still on the storage bandwagon, this wasn’t introduced as part of the morning, but I can’t help but like the inter connectivity and tidiness of the systainer solution.

Festool Socket Set


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