Hand Tool Event

Some info from Terry Gordon (HNT Gordon – Planemaker (a number of his planes grace my workshop)

The Hand Tool Event held in Brisbane last December worked out very well for woodworkers that use hand tools. It was a very laid back event with all people being able to spend time with the experts and learn lots about woodwork and hand hand tools. Therefore Lie Nielsen Australia is organising another one which will be held at the Sturt School for Wood which is located at the Cnr of Range Road & Waverley Pde Mittagong NSW . The event will be on Sat 19th and Sunday 20th Feb. Sturt School web address is http://www.sturt.nsw.edu.au if you need more info on the venue. It is ideally situated for Canberra and Sydney customers that are into hand tools.

HNT Gordon, Colen Clenton, Micheal Connor Woodwork, Harold and Saxon Chisels and Lie Nielsen Australia will be displaying and demonstrating their hand tools. Also other renown teacher/ furniture makers will be at the HTE showing off their skills. Including: Mathew Doyle,Stuart Faulkner (Sturt ), John Gallagher, Paul Nicholson, Darren Oates, Leon Sadubin .

There is no admission charge and the Opening Times Sat: 10am – 5pm, Sun: 10am – 4pm.

If you are into hand tools this line up will be of interest to you.
Hope to see you there.

Personally, wish I could go – hope Melbourne gets to see this event next year!

Last of the Triton Tools

For this year’s auction – I will have a dig through the shed over the weekend to see what accessories I might have left of interest (still thinking about one of the two Superjaws I still have, and whether to sell a couple of the four multistands, and there are potentially some other parts I find).

I still also have some more moulding blades profiles for the 15″ thicknesser, but will wait to see what the first ones sell for.

Anyway, what I’ve just posted includes the Triton Spin Saw, Powered Respirator (including spare air supply module and face shield), Triton Rotary tool, and a GMC 2400W SCMS.

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Ebay auction is here.  The first items posted a few days ago are now drawing to an end, so as Douglas Adams wrote “Last Chance to See” (and bid!)

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