The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking

Selling stuff on eBay is always a 2 edged sword, whether that be tools, or camera equipment (as I am still in the throws of doing).

It has a good customer reach (although eBay certainly gets their cut from the sale) and most items sell pretty seamlessly.  If pickup is local, you can get to meet all sorts of people with similar interests.

There always seem to be just a few that spoil the process as well – those that win the auction and never make contact, or in one case recently I sold an item that turned out to be wrong for the buyer (a camera bag that just was not big enough) so I was happy to offer to refund and pay postage (in both directions).  But what do you do when they then claim it is just too hard for them to post it back? They want the refund, and they know the cost of the item is not worth the effort to persisting, so they end up effectively stealing it from you.  (Ignoring the issue is also not an option, as your selling reputation is worth a lot too).

I guess that is the pain of doing anything in the retail sector – you get to deal with the entire gamut that is human society.

On the other hand, most other transactions have gone perfectly well – hope the tools are finding home that are valuing them. Sometime I get the feeling that Toy Story was right on the mark – like the (much cuter) toys, the tools I no longer need also want to be in a workshop where they are getting used!

Now I just have to find time to get out to the workshop to make sure all the tools that remain know they are still wanted (and prevent them from getting up to any mischief!)

Back to eBay for a sec – there are still a number of items that are lonely, looking for new homes.  From moulding blades, to a lathe, a brand new Triton router stator, and shortly the Triton cordless drill, all are available here on my eBay.

Speaking of tools, I am playing with a number of different high speed oscillating tools I have been loaned for an article – the Fein, Worx, Dremel cordless and Bosch are all in the mix.  They are an interesting tool, and for tools that occupy a very narrow niche, there are quite a few points of difference between them (in how successful they are in achieving the same functionality).  It is certainly one part of this website that I really enjoy – normally if you are making a new purchase, you have to rely on a few minutes in store to form an opinion of one brand of tool over another, or through reading reviews, others’ recommendations etc.  I get to really give each a good workout!  And if nothing else, a day getting to play with tools is always a good day!

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