Revenge of the Nerds

This is a Super Square! Measuring 300mm x 300mm, 90° and 45°

I have one sitting next to me, and the first thing that is really noticeable is its heft.  A solid design that drips of quality, and so it is no surprise that the manufacturer is Woodpeckers (in the USA).  They are producing this square specifically for the Australian Wood Review.

Made from high grade aluminium, it is anodised and laser etched, so the markings are not rubbing off any time soon.  The anodised finish gives a silky feel, and every edge is lightly chamfered, giving a real quality look and feel.

The edges are tapered so the markings are close to the work, minimising parallax error. The two shorter sides are marked from the 90°, and the long side is marked from the centre, so it can be used as a centering rule.

Finally, because it is one piece and with substantial material thickness, if it happens to get dropped it isn’t going to loose its calibration – the bane of many cheaper squares.  One bounce on the shed floor and they become landfill. Not so with this puppy.

Available from Australian Wood Review‘s online shop, $144 inc delivery to Victoria/NSW, another buck or so for WA.  NZ $152, and airmail to the USA/UK is $156/$160 respectively.

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