CNC with Pen Plot

Came across this on YouTube – it is a homemade CNC machine the person has built for their Festool router (and ensured that the unit is all in the same colour scheme- imagine if Festool had a CNC machine available (but them imagine the price!))

What I found particularly interesting is the addition, and design of a pen holder – very nicely done.  The second video is too long to bother watching all the way through, but worth watching the start to see the concept in action.  Could prove a useful mod for other CNC units, such as the CNC Shark.

2 Responses

  1. good for someone who is too lazy to draw free hand

    • I guess, but think that misses the point entirely.

      It wouldn’t be a particularly good computer plotter, but it means you can test size and placement of a design before engaging the cutter.

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