120 Days and Counting

The word is out (well actually the word is only out because you’ve just read it here first!)

The Pro Jawhorse (which will be known in Australia as the Worx Pro JawHorse) will be here in around 120 days!  The order has been placed, the boat has sailed (or soon will), and this machine that I’ve had in my workshop since 13 Jan 09 (he he he) will be on the shelves in 3 months.

To remind you, this is the machine we are talking about (in this case with the US branding)

US Branded version

Australian Version (?)

And alongside the Chinese manufactured version of the SuperJaws (all designed by the same Australian (once Triton) engineers)

Genetically modified

So not long now – you will soon be able to have one of these beasts in your own shed, with the large jaws, huge opening capacity, tonne of clamping pressure, rodent killing, child rearing, money making, cattle rustling (ok, ok)  It is a cool tool 🙂

The price is still to be finalised, but you will get change out of $230.  Whether that is $1 or $31 or somewhere in between is yet to be worked out, but it is that ballpark.  Now you will be able to stop being envious of mine and have one for yourself!

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