Purchasing Space

As you are no doubt aware (hard to miss it I’m sure!), I’ve been again selling off a few bits’n’pieces out of the shed, which obviously doesn’t hurt the shed’s budget.  As I was finding over the weekend, there is another benefit: instead of having to buy more space, I’m being paid to generate the extra space (in a roundabout sort of way).  Needless to say, the extra room is making a big difference, and I was able to really break the back of organising the place – things are finally finding a home.  Now all I have to do is remember where those new homes are!  A Dymo labeller is doing a pretty good job of that too.

As to the selloff- some items have now made it to the end, and more has been added here, here and here

Won’t spoil the surprise, but one is variable, one is for something variable, and one is reversible.  One is Triton, one is for something Triton, and one should have had a Triton equivalent, but that never eventuated (sadly).

It’s hard to produce new content for this site while things are in a state of flux – last thing I want to be doing is talking about nothing but gear-selloffs and tidying the place up, but that is the reality of a small workshop – you are either fastidiously tidy, and only have as much gear/tools etc as there is places to store it, or you find yourself constantly battling the entropy.  I do think I’m winning if that is any consolation!

Just to prove I haven’t been completely slacking off, this is some of the other things I have been dealing with / creating recently (outside the shed).

Computer Lab

A new 29 person computer lab for the Faculty at Caulfield,

Interpreter Training

An interpreter training and conference room

From this

A new office area which has gone from this

To this

To this, and in a few days will be finished fitting with furniture, computers etc for a school in the Faculty to expand, and all that (and a whole heap more) is what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months.

I also came across a kitchen that I hardly recognised, now it has been painted – came up well I think!

Toy Kitchen

(I had made 2 of these, one has been painted for a boy, the other, a girl.  Each is getting a good workout!)

And I’ve been crunching out some articles for a new magazine as well.  I took these photos for one of the articles depicting the DMT Aligner knife sharpener yesterday

These are straight from the camera: I still have to tidy them up a bit.

So, busy days!

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