Triton 15″ Thicknesser Moulding Blades

The eBay auctions for these blades end (around 2pm) today.  It will be the last chance to pick up the individual profiles you may be interested in, and these are not a common item in the shops.  I won’t be listing any left over individually on eBay again any time soon, if ever.   There are 17 blades in total on offer, representing 10 different profiles.

Postage is free throughout Australia.

Digital Millenium Copyright Act

With the recent comments on the validity of this website (and the enthusiastic defense by its many regular readers, and for that I am honestly grateful), it is again disappointing to find my willingness to allow open and relatively unmoderated commenting and communication abused, and worse, for content to again be taken from this site in direct violation of the DMCA.

The latest (rather obvious at the time) incident is under investigation, but as much as it could be interpreted as a complement in a roundabout way, content theft will always be treated very seriously. Sadly, and ironically, the site that did so this time has a quote as part of their mantra “that ‘to give’ is better than ‘to take'” Guess that doesn’t apply to “taking” content. And “Giving” by first flooding an article with comments before “Taking” is a sure sign that it was all done with the final plan to cut and paste the lot, not for legitimately interacting with other readers.

I have had many requests for permission for content to be taken from this site and used elsewhere, such as club newsletters, and permission to do so has been happily granted in every instance.  Where websites etc have discussed content on here, even taken a quote with reference back to the originating site that is also welcome and encouraged.  These are perfectly legitimate uses of this site’s content, and I also am very conscious to try to ensure where I have, I use content from elsewhere in respect of DMCA guidelines.

Using content after seeking permission, with reference back to the content source (ie this site) will rarely be denied. Taking it without permission and the result is likely to be rather less obliging.

Apologies to the vast majority of readers, as this is unlikely to affect you at all.  For individuals, if you are printing out articles, or saving videos etc for your own private benefit is perfectly fine.  It is if that content is published elsewhere without permission that the problems arise. And spamming this site will always result in a rather unfavourable response.

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