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  1. Hi Stuart,

    I’m very interested to see how the air filter performs.

    I’m thinking about getting one as my workshop is also my garage and everything gets covered in dust. So, health reasons isn’t my primary driver but I guess it will be an added bonus. If it can get rid of most of the dust that settles on everything I’d be happy.

  2. I will be interested to see it place and if you fasten it with the brackets to the shed how much noise it might transmit

    Keep up the good work with all your video’s I really enjoy them

  3. Hi Stu,

    Did you consider the H&F AP-12?

  4. Actually, I didn’t, although the AP-10 appears very similar to the models I was comparing. The price of the AP-12 looks pretty good given its capacity.

    In the end, I don’t have the same relationship (yet) with Hare & Forbes that I enjoy with Carbatec. Service, and after-sales service hold a significant currency for me.

  5. Thanks for doing this video Stuart. As a result I got myself a filter and now cannot believe how much better it is to breathe the cleaner air in the shed.

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