Bit of a virtual shed cleanup

Few things happening inthe background, so if some of the pages suddenly vanish, and others mysteriously appear, don’t be surprised!

I’ve changed the title of Manufacturers and Suppliers to Sources, simply because it is a shorter name. (If you can think of a better one, please say!)

The Tool of-the-month page is being moved to be contained within a new page simply called “Reviews” this section will have the Tool of-the-month, Router Bit of-the-month, the Battle of the Blades, and links to any other reviews that are done. It is completely under construction so you won’t find anything there at the moment.

Another new section that you may be able to see, and might be hidden again temporarily is the Shed Tools section. This is a breakdown of my workshop into main, ancillary, hand-powered, hand-unpowered and portable workshop tools to give you an idea of what a typical workshop can contain, and some of the reasoning behind the decisions I’ve made in choosing the tools therein. That is going to take a while! It will link to the actual tool reviews where relevant.

I’m still working on the tags vs categories concepts to make previous topics easy to find. Again, with over 300 posts already, cataloging the site is important if the info is not to be lost in the detritus.

So bear with me – we will get there. In the meantime, there are 2 new videos coming, as well as the next saw blade review, so there will still be content coming despite the work that is occurring in the background!!

There sure is a lot of time that goes into running a site like this! My hourly rate is Shocking!!!! (What is 1,000 hours x $0/hour?)

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