Triton Moulding Blade Profiles

Not sure how useful these are, but they are a photocopy of the original blades that have been scanned!

Talk about convoluted. I really don’t know about their availability, but at least it might be useful to someone.

Power Runs

Been a quiet couple of days here (in the virtual shed) as it has been very busy otherwise.  So not a lot to report at this stage, although there’s always something 😉

– took the measurements and photos for the next blade review, and will be working on that over the next day or so

– secured the shed door (finally), so it now sports a pretty highly rated Lockwood bolt, staple and padlock, among other security methods that I’m not going to go into obviously.

– got the trailer to the tip, with an absolute mountain of rubbish, including the remains of the old shed, and its contents.  There is a cage on the trailer, and the rubbish pile was about 1 1/2 feet higher than that!

– picked up these power runs:

Shed Power

Shed Power

Hope they work out ok.  The first one is 12m long, cost about $32 and has a single power plug every 2 metres.  I’m going to run it down the middle of the roof for the lights, then across right hand wall to the front wall and back as far as it will go.  That will give me an extra power point for a light for the lathe, and another for the router table.

The second is 4m long, and has a double plug every 1m.  I bought two of these (given the shed is 8m long), and it will be run down the middle of the back wall for the full length.

Neither of these will be powering the 3HP (2400W) gear (router and tablesaw), which will have to have their own dedicated circuit.

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