Box Making Router Bits: Router Bit-of-the-Month

This month we are detailing a couple of router bits used for box-making. There are more than just a couple that can be used in the whole genre, including ones for wooden hinges, for template carving the box itself, and obviously joints- dovetails and the like.

The first is used during assembly of the box, to insert the base. There is nothing overly complex about the concept – the bit cuts a groove around the bottom of the box to a controlled depth and width. Into this can be inserted a simple flat base which is the thickness of the slot, or it can be more elaborate using a flat bottomed cove bit (or a rebate bit) to effectively create a raised panel to fit the slot.

The bit is manufactured by Carb-i-tool exclusively for the Gifkins Dovetail Jig. It is boxmaking cutter #1 in their catalogue. (

The second cutter is quite interesting. It is simply a small, solid carbide spiral bit, which is used to produce the smoothest finish possible while splitting a box from its lid.

Shown here to give you a sense of scale. It is a 1/4″ bit, so either a 1/4″ router, or a 1/2″ with a reducing collet will be required. It is also highly advisable to use this bit in a router table, and take multiple passes until the lid is cut free.

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