Just thought people might be interested to know that Triton sandpaper has been placed on eBay.  Velcro backed, and is the perfect size for the Triton ROS (random orbital sander) which is currently being sold on special at Bunnings (for $49) as they downsize their product range.

On another point, I had these arrive today:

Spindle Sandpaper

These are spare sets of sanding sleeves for the Spindle Sander.  Each includes one of each spindle size, and there are 60, 80 and 100 grits.

I think each packet is worth around the $10 mark.

Miscellaneous Catchup

– Latest Hare & Forbes catalogue turned up in the mail box today – no particular surprises in there (other than it being a bit thinner than usual).  Always fun finding woodworking catalogues and magazines in the letterbox 🙂

– Apparently the latest Triton saw is currently winging its way to me – perhaps tomorrow (subject to the whims of the courier).  It will be very interesting to see this latest saw and how it compares to the saw it is replacing.

– My review of the Pro Drill Press Table is now in the hands of the editor of Australian Wood Review, so hopefully it passes muster.  Not sure which issue it will be in, but I’d guess the next one.

– I was thinking about celebrating the 1st year of Stu’s Shed with a bit of a BBQ, but it now turns out that my Holmesglen Tafe course (Introduction to Triton Woodworking) is running this weekend coming.  Bummer for the BBQ, but the course is enjoyable, and the money never goes astray.  I’ll have to give more thought to what to do (and when) to mark the occasion.

– The 30th video (and last to come out in the site’s 1st year) is currently in editing – the assembly process of the Pro Drill Press Table.

Northwood Premium ZH1080 Blade Review

Based in part on the results of this review, it has been determined that the current batch of this blade have been manufactured below specification and they have been withdrawn from sale.

The next review from the “Battle of the Blades”. The Northwood Premium ZH1080 80 tooth crosscut blade

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