CMT 285.080.10M 80 Tooth Crosscut Blade

The next review from the “Battle of the Blades”. The CMT 285.080.10M, 80 tooth crosscut blade.


Was in a Bunnings earlier today to see if any of the Triton Jigsaws were still going for a stupid price. They weren’t but the shop (manager?) had a bit of a chat.

At one point I asked why the Jigsaw was being dropped from the range, and I started getting a whole mess of answers-

1. BECAUSE they are downsizing all the GMC range (including Triton)

2. NOT because of the exclusive deal with Ryobi

3. BECAUSE of the exclusive deal with Ryobi, but in as much as because other outlets won’t be selling Ryobi, they will be selling more GMC and Triton, and so Bunnings are doing GMC a favour dropping their products so they can keep up with the increased demand from the other outlets (that was my favourite answer, but not because it actually was based on fact or reason!!)

4. BECAUSE GMC can’t seem to keep them supplied with sufficient stock

5. BECAUSE there is too much range in GMC – apparently at one stage there were 12 different models of drill. So they (Bunnings) got rid of all of them (almost). When asked why then drop the one Triton Jigsaw, or the one of two Triton Routers, the answer boiled down to “BECAUSE”.

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