So that was a year…

Today is the first anniversary of the launch of Stu’s Shed. What a year!

Thought I might give you some statistics about the year that has passed (relevant to the site obviously):

As of 10pm tonight (my time) which was the launch time of the site, we have had:

109,470 visitors. (Not page loads – page loads would be a stupidly large meaningless number)

They have come from all around the world, including Ukraine, South Africa, Ghana, Russia, England, Scotland, USA, USN (United States Navy), Canada, Australia, New Zealand and on and on. It has been pretty amazing just how wide the net is cast.

The site itself consists of 328 posts and 24 pages covering over 260 categories.

The word count is a staggering 133000, and that is 735000 keystrokes (just in the written words, not counting any coding I’ve had to do.) I have no idea about the time involved, but it is definitely in excess of 1000 hours. In other words, if I had put the time into, say, the gym, then I’d be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the woodworking community!! That’s about 400 pages of pure text (not counting any photos!)

There are 700 photos – about 4MB in JPG format (and about 5GB on my harddrive in their native RAW format – shot on a Minolta 7D)

There are 30 videos, representing 500 minutes of video time (approx 8 1/2 hours) which is approximately 3GB in total.

So that equates to (almost) a post per day, and a video at least every two weeks (on average!).

Of course this is a good time to say thanks to everyone who has been supporting Stu’s Shed over the last year, including companies who have generously allowed me to review their tools, jigs and accessories. (See the Sources page for a list of companies).

To family for tolerating ( 🙂 ) my obsession.

And especially, to my faithful readers. I hope that you have gotten something out of the site so far, and I hope you are equally looking forward to the next installment!

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