A disturbing trend

I tend to avoid YouTube. Over the past few years, it has become significantly geared towards revenue raising, and for something like YouTube, that means ads. Lots and lots of ads.

But unfortunately, more and more “free” video content is being hosted there, and so I have been venturing on there occasionally, and seeing…..woodworkers advertising their YouTube channels, by forcing their videos upon us.

Does it work? Well I’m sure it does, looking at their subscriber numbers. But I still see it as sad. The best content isn’t getting rewarded, but those who spend money to force their content in front of you. I know, it is the way of the world, but it still is not where I’d like to see the woodworking world going.



One day I might be tempted to join the evil empire to seek the higher subscriber rates, but until then, I’m staying well clear and hoping that good content will be rewarded over advertising. I know, it is not a battle I can win.

But I still rather give content away than sell it to subscribers, or surround it with ads, and I still prefer to give away the products from the shed, than turn it into a commercial venture.

In saying that, I will still be writing magazine articles of course- love seeing the articles in print! And the income helps make my hobby self supporting. I’d still like to write a book or two as well, and strangely, I see that in a different light to providing similar content on the web for free. I’m certainly not without sin here, but I’d still like to think that the readers I have enjoy the overall lack of advertising (banner farm, and video preroll ads) on this site.

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