Triton Wet and Dry Sharpener

Triton Wet and Dry Sharpener

Another tool from the Triton stables that has just hit the market is the Wet & Dry Sharpener. I have been eagerly anticipating it’s arrival, but not as much as my tools have been – poor blunt and abused things that they are… well ok, not that bad, but I have really needed something better than a normal grinder, even with an aluminium oxide wheel I manage to burn the tips of the tools.

With the wetstone grinder, the stone runs in a constant waterbath at very slow speed allowing excellent control over the tool, and little to no risk of overheating the grinding surface.

Had a small drama with the video – the audio died just near the end of the day (well it was late at night), so the video ends a little more abruptly than you’d expect! The only thing I missed showing was applying oil, then honing paste to the leather wheel, and a quick honing of the chisel, so not too much loss. Remember that with a leather wheel, the wheel must be turning AWAY from the tool, otherwise the tool will just dig in and cut up the leather.

If you have any further questions about this tool, feel free to contact me.


Will Tormek jigs fit the Triton Sharpener?

Yes – both the Tormek and Scheppach jigs will fit, which makes for a very wide range of jigs available to suit all sorts of applications, from sharpening knives, scissors and axes, through to planer blades, wood turning chisels and handcarving chisels. Also, the diamond dressing tool and (I believe) the profiled leather honing wheel which fits to the side of the standard leather wheel for honing different profiles.

I’ve had a look at both the Tormek and Scheppach diamond dressers, and I’m not overly impressed with the Scheppach. It is pretty much the same price as the (cheaper) Tormek, but its folded metal construction for what needs to be a precise tool leave me a bit cold. It would have been fine if it worked, but it’s 2 registration points (1 being the holes for the support arm, the other being the back of the tool which the cutter itself rests upon) did not seem to be parallel. This would result in the wheel no being dressed parallel to the support arm, which is unacceptable (and renders the tool unusable for accurate grinding). The Tormek on the other hand is cast, so will be inherently more accurate. I haven’t had a chance yet to use it in anger, but it looks a better jig.

Do I need a dressing tool for the Triton Sharpener?

Without question, yes. Out of the box, it is unlikely that the wheel and the support arm will be parallel, and unless you are only sharpening an axe, or something freehand, then you want the tool set up accurately.

At this stage, there isn’t a Triton dressing tool – I’m hoping that will be rectified ASAP. I am working on the concept of a home-made jig to do the dressing – I have some ideas…… However, until then, there are not many options other than the Tormek or Schppach dressers, both around $A100.

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  1. Is this a better sharpener than what Amazon sells (Wen brand)?. Wen wet grinder is $140. My ? is does this have shaft bearings. I saw the Grizzly on Youtube and they look like junk. Is this nothing but a Wen with a different name? Or is the quality worth double the price of the Wen?

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