hi, dear,

how are you ?

This is Isobel from Ningbo Snowaves in China, i got your email address from the Internet.

I am writing to know if i have the chance to cooperate with you .

we are a professional company specilized in hand winch manufacturing. and we have been in this field for many years , we also have got patent.
for hand winch ,we have 700lbs to 4500lbs with webbing or cable available.

Any interest ? feel free to ask details about hand winch, including our wholesale and retail price.

Looking forward to your early reply !

Really? Really??

Seriously, if you are going to send spam, could you at least TRY to appear legitimate.  Or perhaps not, it is funnier this way.


Isobel.  Such a common Chinese name.

GoPro Hero 100

One of the big reasons I got the GoPro, was for high speed photography, as it can give 240FPS (which I utilised on the recent SawStop video).

This camera can shoot a little over 25000FPS (with an expected price to match unfortunately)- the Phantom V2511 (Even as high as 150000FPS in smaller resolutions)


Still, it would make for some pretty cool shots

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