Rack it up

The timber store has so far been rather neglected since the storage itself was built (8m2).

The timber was unceremoniously dumped in there on a couple of pallets, which was better than nothing, but made fining anything difficult, and wasted a lot of space.

Not that I was intending to leave it like that, but there were other priorities.

With a few minutes spare today, I decided it was time to sort it out. So the Triton Woodracks were thrown up on the wall- 2 sets at this stage.


Normally you’d see 6 rails, but I left the top rail off as it was against the roof. I’m going to redo them I think- I’d prefer the racks attached to vertical members to transfer the load directly to the ground, and that will provide an opportunity to attach the extra rail for additional storage.

Even so, despite their seemingly small size (gap between rails), the unit can store a significant amount of timber.


I still remember when Triton developed the wood rack- back when there was still a local manufacturing industry. Seeing new, innovative, locally designed, engineered and manufactured product was something we knew was a good thing, but really not appreciated until it was lost to cheap (really cheap), poorly designed and made imports. Their focus being cost and maximising the total units sold only.

Still, at least some products and designs are still available such as the woodrack, even if it is now sold under a myriad of manufacturer’s names.

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