And the winner is!

You’ll just have to watch the ManSpace TV finale!

Not a bad prize though 🙂

HNT Gordon makes its YouTube debut

Terry and Colen have been working towards production of videos for their new YouTube channel.

If you have some of Terry’s planes already, and want some reminders from the expert how to get the best from these tools, or have been tempted to buy some and need a little more encouragement, follow the link to the HNT Gordon Channel

Looks like I am the very first subscriber- bet there will be a fair few more soon!

In Terry’s words from the mailing list email:

Hello Fellow Woodworkers

We have been asked for quite a few years to do some short videos of using our planes and we thank you for your patience in this regard. Other people have done videos of our tools and posted them on youtube and we certainly appreciate that fact, so thankyou to them. We have been taking some videos of using our tools at wood shows over the last year or so and we have finally put some together and loaded them on to youtube. Its nice to have some younger people in our business that know how to do this. We have started out with videos of setting up using a our original planes but we do intend to make other videos of using some of our latest planes. However, we are working on the quality of the videos before doing more complex shoots.

Doing the videos at the wood shows is good in most respects, but the background noise does detract from the voice quality, however you can easily follow what is going on. I hope you find it OK and feel free to get back to us with comments. It sounds a bit like a large workshop with lots of machines working in the backgound. To my delight though you can clearly hear that beautiful music a sharp plane makes as it cuts a shaving.

ManSpace Finale

I am here at the filming of the final episode of Season 1 of ManSpace TV.

Rent-a-crowd is present (and growing), the new space is all set up with the various trinkets the lucky bugger will win.

Thought the address was familiar- a (literal) stone’s throw to Carbitool.

A good looking room- just needs tools, timber and sawdust! (Does come with a large complement of Kincrome, a Polaris, Summit vehicle hoist etc etc.


More to come…….

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