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  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool. I never figured using CA (super-glue) for a wood finish, but I can see how well that can work for turned pens. I’m also impressed that you managed to keep it off your fingers. Whenever I use CA (or Gorilla Glue for that matter), it always ends up getting all over the place and I have to live with lizard skin on my fingers for a few days.

    Looks like you have a couple of cameras now, so your transitions between scenes are really seemless. Lighting is much better now too. Hey, when are you going to start the Stu’s Shed Channel so I can TiVo it? Nice work!

  2. Interesting. How would you go applying a CA finish to a static piece of wood? Can you spray it? I would think a wipe motion would be difficult if the object is not spinning.

  3. I really can’t think of how you would – to use it in an aerosol would be a recipe for disaster – the action would cause the CA to begin to set, and you’d end up with a very lumpy finish (or a new way of making nano-marbles!) (It’s all the rage in ant children playgrounds)

  4. […] over some discussions about my recent Pen Turning videos (Part 1 – Preparing and Turning and Part 2 Finishing and Assembling) on a site called WoodworkersZone.com and thought I’d provide some responses […]

  5. Hey thanks for showing me a little trick that I haven’t seen anywhere else-scoring the CA before removing the bushings. This is a useful trick to know before I turn my first pen. Great video! Daniel-North Carolina-USA

  6. Thanks much for the video. I can now get rid of the friction polish and put a real long lasting finish on my work.
    Steve-Northirdge, CA-USA

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