TV Shows

Been using the Foxtel IQ2 to finally get to record some of the shows I might be interested in (I never seem to actually be surfing to find something to watch when they happen to be on – now at least they are automatically recorded for when I’m ready!)

Watched Norm for the first time in ages, and another (which I won’t name) that has um surprised me before, and tonight was no exception.  Let’s just say that what they do when woodworking are not practices that you’d see in my workshop, whether a camera was rolling or not.  Putting a narrow board through a thicknesser on its edge…..using a biscuit joiner and placing a hand on top of the guard to hold it down right in front of the cutter.  It may be fine, but my hand will never be on that side of the biscuit joiner – at least not while it is plunging into the workpiece.  There might have been more, but I couldn’t bring myself to continue watching.

I’m not saying that my practices are ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but this is national TV!

Both shows used a jointer too.  That second show cut boards to length, then ran them through the jointer and thicknesser.  To my mind that is asking for snipe.

Norm on the other hand had an interesting technique (which if have come across before, I’d forgotten).  He has his in and out feed tables set accurately with 1/32″ difference in height.  He joints one face, then one edge.  Thicknesses, then cuts the width on the tablesaw – so far, all very typical.  However, what he does at that point is cut the width exactly 1/32″ oversized.  He then returns to the jointer, and does a single pass, achieving the final accurate width, and removes saw marks.  Ok, not rocket science, but a worthwhile technique to keep in mind.

The contrast between the two shows really stuck out. Watching tools being used does rub off, so to my mind I’d rather watch tools being used correctly, lest I pick up too many more bad habits!

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