Pen Disassembly

As much as we would rather assemble pens, and have them come out perfectly every time, sometimes things do go a bit pear-shaped, and rather than waste a perfectly good pen kit, it would definitely be preferable to take the pen apart to fix it.

There are some pen disassembly kits available, but generally they only suit a couple of pen designs.  They seem to consist of a couple of rods to insert into the mechanism to push it apart.

I had a need recently to disassemble a pen, and didn’t (and don’t) have a pen disassembly kit available.

However, I have found a range of dynabolt cores work well for disassembly.

Makeshift Pen Disassembler

Makeshift Pen Disassembler

As you can see from the tip that it has a good chance to catch an edge of the internal mechanism to be able to drive it apart.

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