Cypress Pine

Not sure if there is another timber in Australia more underrated than Cypress Pine, except perhaps Red Gum (which seems to up more chimneys than into any wooden creations).

Cypress Pine is used and abused – concreted into the ground as stumps, as fence posts, and painted over as picket fences (amongst its many typical applications).

I was given a post recently – rough sawn, split, the leftover from an outdoors construction, destined for the fireplace.  After a few quick passes through the bandsaw (resawing), some promising boards started to reveal themselves.  Next, after running it through the thicknesser, then a couple of passes through the drum sander to quickly see some results, and this is what was found:

Cyprus Pine in the JawHorse

Cypress Pine in the JawHorse


Cypress Pine

With character like that, it is hard to imagine why it is normally hidden under a thick layer of paint, or worse, left raw and rough sawn for the elements to torture.

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