Drill Press Portability

With the exception of the lathe, every other major tool in my workshop is mounted on a wheeled stand of one form or another (mostly a Jet wheeled base).  The other exception is the drill press.  These are typically bolted to the ground (or the bench), and are obviously then not at all portable!

However, in a small workshop particularly, it would be rather useful if the typically top-heavy drill press could be moved about the shop as necessary.  Like any of the other main tools, I don’t expect it to need to be moved often.

I haven’t spent a lot of time this evening looking at the situation, but from what I trialed, it seems to be feasible.

I have a spare wheeled base (left over from the old thicknesser), and on that I’ve placed a heavy 1.5″ thick slab of particleboard, which is about as long as the drilpress base, and around 700mm wide.  The drill press is pretty stable front-to-back, but given the very narrow base, is unstable side-to-side. By increasing this width to around 800mm (including the base wheels), it becomes significantly more stable, and I’m hoping enough for the wheeled base drill press to work.

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