Drum Sander and Thicknesser

Have had more of an opportunity to play with the new toys (finally). Boy does it make a difference having serious tools, rather than (not sure how to describe it- portable tools? DIY tools?) hmm- anyway, it is quite a contrast, and even so the cost difference is less than you’d expect.

FWIW, they (Carbatec) have quite a deal on at the moment with $300 in vouchers with one. Dunno how I missed out on that. Would have had some fun with so many vouchers!

Starting to discover the benefits of a drum sander too. Its ability to handle short items without snipe is a huge benefit. Today for example I was working with a shortish board, used the thicknesser to remove a majority of the waste, then a few quick light passes through the drum sander to finish off.

I’m planning on fitting a Wixey Height Gauge to each, so it will be very interesting to see how that adds to their respective accuracies.

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